About Us

Senior Leadership

With over a decade of collective experience driving impactful campaigns on Amazon, the Biplicity team is
here to take your brand to the next level and act as your outsourced Amazon management department.
Our ecommerce expertise propels brands to new heights through our focus on mapping and owning
the customer journey.

Meet the Team

Boris Ermis

Co-Founder and Growth Architect

  • My experience: I’ve been selling on Amazon for 10 years and have helped
    brands reach over $12 million in revenue.
  • My expertise: I have expertise in product selection, listing creation, marketing,
    and customer service.
  • My goal: I want to help you grow your business.

Igor Finkelzon

Co-Founder and Business Development Strategist

  • Experience: I’m a seasoned sales professional with 23 years under my belt. I’ve
    walked in the shoes of a salesperson, led teams from a management position,
    and ventured into the exciting world of entrepreneurship in diverse industries.
  • Expertise: As an entrepreneur, I’ve combined passion and leadership to create
    successful, dynamic teams. We’ve celebrated victories, learned from challenges,
    and grown together.
  • Goal: At our e-commerce agency, my partner and I have one clear ambition: to
    help our clients make the most of the digital marketplace. Drawing from our
    collective experience and leadership skills, we aim to guide our clients towards
    sustainable growth in the e-commerce world.

Case Study Statistics


Year On Year Revenue Growth

Including 82% increase on Virtual
Bundle revenue.


Branded Search Volume

On Amazon since partnership began


Conversion Rate

Thanks to content and advertising

Subscriber Growth

Equating to 10% of channel revenue